Buy travertine stone

The use of decorative stones is very widely used in the construction and home decoration industries. One of the decorative stones that has many uses; The stone is travertine. This stone is usually used in luxury buildings. What has made this stone popular is its variety of colors and its extremely beautiful pattern. To buy any product, you should pay attention to very important points. In the following, we will examine the tips of buying travertine stone so that you can make a decision about this issue with full knowledge.

Attention to the color of the travertine stone
The color of the stone is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to when buying. Travertine stones are formed in nature a lot. There are many mines in Iran where this type of stone is found. The abundance of mines has caused this stone to come in different colors. One of the most important principles that you should pay attention to in decoration design; The color of the stone is compatible with other elements of the building.

The importance of travertine stone durability
Many people think that stone is only used for building facades or making stairs. If such thinking is wrong. Stones such as travertine can be used to make countertops, kitchen counters, home and workplace floors. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the durability of the stone. The stone must be able to withstand high weather conditions and sun rays. It should also be simple and easy to install.

Buy from reputable stores
Other points that you should pay attention to when buying travertine stone; Buy stones from reputable stores. Buying travertine stone from reputable stores will ensure the durability of the stone.

The price of travertine stone
This stone is known as one of the best types of decorative stones, which has a more reasonable price than marble, granite and slate. If you intend to change the decoration of your home or workplace and you want to use decorative stones to do this; We recommend travertine. Various elements are influential in determining the price of this stone. Among the most important factors affecting the price of travertine stones, the following can be mentioned:
● Quality
● Type of ore
● Quality grade
● Stone sort
● Amount and size of porosity
● Stone dimensions
● Variety of stone models and colors

Types of travertine stones
This type of stone has a very high variety. Travertine stones include different colors and types based on the place of extraction and production method. If you intend to use these types of stones for home or work environment decoration; You should pay attention to their color.

Red travertine stone
The mine of these stones is located in the city of Azarshahr. Red travertine stones have high resistance to sunlight and severe weather changes. The beautiful appearance of these stones has made them very popular. This stone is very resistant to breakage, discoloration and has high strength. It is also very easy to clean and maintain this stone.

Walnut travertine stone
This stone has a special and unique design. What distinguishes this stone from other examples is the natural nature of the stone and its unique beauty. The walnut type of travertine is widely used in the main and exterior facades of buildings, the production of stone artifacts, and the walls of the interior of the building. This stone has high abrasion resistance and great polishability. Also, the porosity in the walnut travertine stone has caused the mortar to stick to it easily and prevent it from falling. Factors such as more regular waves, dark color and large dimensions increase its price.

Lemon travertine stone
This stone is produced in two types, wavy and non-wave. In many cases, the lemon color of this stone tends to orange, which gives it a lot of charm and beauty. The high resistance of lemon travertine against pressure and impact has caused engineers to have a great desire to use this product. The lemon type of travertine does not change color against sunlight and weather conditions. Also, its uniform and shiny surface has made it possible to use this stone in interior decoration.

Silver travertine stone
Travertine Silver is known for its color uniformity. This stone is highly polished and absorbs little water. The luxurious appearance of silver travertine has made it a very suitable option for both modern and classic tastes. Among its distinctive features, we can mention its good wear resistance, high compressive strength and very good polished surface.

Applications of travertine stone
From the past until today, stones have had a special place in human life. Amazing architectures have been created using stones. Travertine stones, like other stones, have many uses in our lives. Travertine stones can be used in the facade of the building. The beauty and high resistance of this stone has made travertine a suitable option for the interior and exterior of the house.
Other uses of travertine stone include its use in flooring and wall covering. Travertine stone is widely used in bathroom and toilet walls. If this stone is sealed well; It will also be used in high-traffic and frictional places such as the kitchen. These stones are also used in hotels and conference centers.
If you plan to use a suitable stone for the pool floor; We recommend travertine. Since this stone is not slippery; It is a very suitable option for the bottom of swimming pools. Travertine’s non-absorption of heat has kept it cool during the hot days of the year.
If you intend to build a beautiful fireplace; We suggest using travertine stones. The beautiful appearance and variety of colors of this stone have made its use for the fireplace very popular. Travertine stone is more popular than other stones for making fireplaces.
Travertine stones are used in driveways to prevent urban space from becoming boring. These stones color and glaze the uniform atmosphere of the streets and create a lot of charm in the urban environment. Since the travertine stone has high resistance and does not wear and scratch easily; It is used in driving routes.

Advantages and disadvantages of travertine stone
In the past years, this stone was known as one of the most precious decorative stones. In recent years, due to the increase in production and their low price, it has found a place in many homes. In addition to houses, travertine stone is used in street paving, wall covering, swimming pool flooring and meeting halls. This stone is one of the best options for hot weather. Its reasonable price due to its long lifespan; It encourages customers to buy it. Travertine is found among marble and limestone in hot springs and limestone caves.
The holes in this stone are due to gases trapped in hot water. Therefore, the surface of the travertine stone is not polished and slippery, making it a suitable option for floors in places with high humidity; has become The porosity of this stone, in addition to its high usage, is also the reason for the beauty of travertine. The outer surface of this stone remains cool in contrast to the high temperature of the environment. Therefore, it is considered a suitable option for the floor and wall of swimming pools. Its unique and rough texture has also made it possible to use it in building facades and street pavements. The high chemical and thermal resistance of the stone has made it possible to use it in very cold environments.
Travertine stone has very few disadvantages that can be ignored despite its high advantages. Travertine stone has very few disadvantages that can be ignored despite its high advantages. Also, if these stones are not processed well or low-quality materials are used for their production; Water absorption increases on it. Another disadvantage of travertine stone is its high price compared to other stones.