Walnut travertine stone without waves

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Product feature:

Stone name: Walnut travertine without waves

Stone type: travertine

Type: Tile, slab, coop

Walnut travertine stone Azarshahr (tree trunk) is  in the area of Azarshahr city in East Azerbaijan. Various travertine and marble quarries are located in this area. This type of stone is created using the type of cut desired by the customer and is used in different cases. The without wavy pattern of this stone can be created by cutting. Also, based on the customer’s opinion, this stone can be created with or without a sub. this type of  travertine  stone is a special kinds of travertine, that can give a special beauty to our building by using civil architecture.

Walnut travertine has different uses and can be introduced in several main sections:

1– The main view of the building

2– The exterior of the building

3– Landscaping

4– Stone artifacts



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