Azarshahr wavy dark silver travertine stone

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Product feature:

Stone name: Azarshahr wavy dark silver travertine stone

Stone type: travertine

Type: Tile, slab, coop

Azarshahr wavy dark silver travertine stone

One of the travertine stones available in the market, which is more popular than other travertine stones, is dark silver travertine. This stone, which is cut in two ways without waves and with waves in the factory, can give a very elegant and beautiful look to your building. This stone can be prepared irregularly or regularly according to the customer’s needs.

Silver travertine mine


Silver travertine mine (gray skin) is located in the area of Azarshahr city in East Azarbaijan. To buy any of the products, you can be present in the mines or factories of Sangab Azarshahr and buy in person from these mines.


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