Azarshahr red marble (Alvan).


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Product feature:

Stone name: Red marble (Alvan)

Stone type: Marble

Type: Slab, tile, coupe

Azarshahr red marble is one of the most beautiful marbles available, which can match the taste of special people. This stone, which is one of the types of stones found in nature, is exploited and produced by Sengab Azarshahr company. The main mine of red marble (alvan) of Azarshahr in Azarshahr city and the exploitation license of this mine is in the hands of Sangab Azarshahr company.

Applications of Azarshahr red marble (Alvan).

The red marble (alvan) of Azarshahr, because of its special texture, allows the light to pass through it and creates a very beautiful effect. Green marble is a famous stone that is also widely used in religious places.
Azarshahr red marble mine (Alvan) is located in the area of Azarshahr city in East Azerbaijan. Various travertine and marble quarries are located in this area. The exclusive privilege of exploiting this mine is at the disposal of Sangab Azarshahra Company. To get the price of Azarshahr red marble (alvan), you can contact Azarshahr Sangab Company.


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