About Sangab Azarshahr

Who are we and how do we work?


We (Sengab Azarshahr Company) are one of the reliable, key and well-known companies in Iran's stone industry. Sengab Azarshahr is a private company with more than 30 years of experience in extracting and processing minerals in Iran. The mines of this company are located in the northwest of Iran, East Azarbaijan province. With 6 different mines and factories, this company is a leader and manufacturer of natural stone products, especially red travertine (SORAYYA) in Iran. The products of this company include red, silver, lemon and walnut travertines and green and red marbles, which are exported all over the world in the form of stone blocks and processed in different sizes and subs. Currently, the products of this company, including raw stone blocks and processed decorative stones, are exported to European countries (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, etc.), as well as Canada, Russia, Turkey, Central Asian countries, Saudi Arabia, and Persian Gulf countries. And it carries the glorious name of Iran with it everywhere.

Goals of Sangab Azarshahr


As a manufacturing company with a long history, Sengab Azarshahr Company has always been trying to strengthen the country’s economic foundation through the extraction, production and sale of building stones inside and outside our beloved country. And the goals of this company are summarized in:

  • Extraction of building stones in unique colors
  • Supplying high quality building stones
  • Preparing a convenient shopping platform for customers
  • Detailed advice and guidance for the right choice
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The price is right

Sangab Azarshahr Company


Shamsabad factory

Tabriz factory

Tehran office

Red stone mine

Lime travertine mine

why us?

Why our team?


Azarshahr Quarry with a history of more than 30 years and the use of more than 200 experts, as well as using world-class equipment in stone processing and extraction, will give great help to the country's stone market.