Bright silver wavy travertine stone of Azarshahr

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Product feature:

Stone name: Waved bright silver travertine stone

Stone type: travertine

Type: Tile, slab, coop

Bright silver wavy travertine stone of Azarshahr

In order to create a stylish building with a very suitable view, we can use light silver travertine stone. Using this stone, in addition to giving your building a modern and beautiful look, can be a very good barrier for heat and cold. The bright silver travertine stone of Azarshahr is available in two forms, wavy and non-wave, which can be cut for the customer according to the customer’s taste and can be delivered without sub or with sub and filled according to the customer’s needs.

Applications of silver travertine


Silver travertine has a catchy but neutral color, so it can be coordinated with all the colors around it. Using expert design, this stone can give a luxurious look to the interior and exterior of your building and turn it into a modern style architecture.


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