Azarshahr wavy red travertine stone

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Product feature:

Stone name: Red wavy travertine stone

Stone type: travertine

Type: Slab, tile, coupe

Red wavy travertine stone

Teravertine stones is the most popular type of stones for use in construction. The wavy red teravertine stone is one of the examples of red teravertine stone products that can be used for different parts of the building. The wavy red travertine stone is extracted from Sangab Azarshahr mines in Azarshahr region of Tabriz and is processed inside the factories. Red wavy travertine usually has parallel veins that are lighter or darker than the background color of the stone, but in some cases these veins are irregular.

Wavy Travertine Stone Products

This stone is cut and designed in various ways according to the various applications it can have, such as:
• Red travertine slab
• Travertine guillotine stone
• block travertine 
•tile travertine 
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    beaitiful stones

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    hjkhjkh ijiojiojio

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    Manuel Shek

    I’ve bought Red travertine from SAZCO(Sangab Azarshahr) in Block and Processed type
    They are amazing!
    Very punctual, and cause they own Quarry and Factories, their Price and Quality are such amazing. And of course, they are very expert in exporting and make a nice channel with as low as possible for exporting.
    Thank you SAZCO

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