Azarshahr wavy walnut travertine stone (tree trunk)

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Product feature:

Stone name: Wavy walnut travertine stone

Stone type: travertine

Type: Tile, slab, block

Azarshahr wavy walnut travertine stone

Walnut travertine stone is one of those stones that has its own audience and it can be used in different parts of the building, such as facade, stairs, under stairs, etc. used. The wavy sample of this stone can be obtained from the mines of Sangab Azarshahr Company. The type of cut of this stone can be wavy based on the customer’s opinion. This type of stone is formed naturally over time.

Applications of walnut travertine stone

Azarshahr walnut travertine (tree travertine) is a very good insulator for cold, heat and sound due to its special texture. Also, this porous texture makes travertine stones weigh less compared to other stones and finally the final weight of the structure becomes lighter. In addition to these cases, the presence of holes that can be seen on the surface of these stones increases the adhesion of these stones to the mortar of the building and the stone will have more strength in the facade of the building.

This type of stones have extracted from travertine querries in Iran, which is called Azershahr walnut travertine stone. Due to the high quality of this product,Sazgo Holding exports this product to various countries such as Turkey, China, India, Spain, Brazil and many other countries. To contact us, you can call our numbers or contact us through WhatsApp and email.



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