Azarshahr red travertine without waves

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Product feature:

Stone name: Travertine stone without waves

Stone type: travertine

Type: Tile, slab, block

Red travertine without waves

Red travertine is one of the most famous and of course the best building stones, which is one of the most important mines for its extraction in Azarshahr city, which is one of the cities of East Azarbaijan province. This stone has many fans in other countries so that every year a significant part of these stones is exported to all parts of the world. One of the distinctive features of this stone is its unique quality and color. Azarshahr red travertine has a very high resistance to heat, cold and sunlight, that’s why it is better than other types of stones. The waveless type of this stone is generally flowery and has more variety and play of colors.

Applications of travertine stone


Travertine stone is a very good insulator for cold, heat and sound due to its special texture. Also, this porous texture makes travertine stones weigh less compared to other stones and finally the final weight of the structure becomes lighter. In addition to these cases, the presence of holes that can be seen on the surface of these stones increases the adhesion of these stones to the mortar of the building and the stone will have more strength in the facade of the building.
The red travertine mine is in the area of Azarshahr city in East Azerbaijan. Various travertine and marble quarries are located in this area. The exclusive privilege of exploiting this mine is at the disposal of Sangab Azarshahra Company. You can contact Azarshahr Sangab company to get the price of Azarshahr travertine stone.

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    beautiful stones

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    Manuel Shek

    I’ve bought Red travertine from SAZCO(Sangab Azarshahr) in Block and Processed type
    They are amazing!
    Very punctual, and cause they own Quarry and Factory, their Price and Quality are such amazing. And of course, they are very expert in exporting and make a nice channel with as low as possible for exporting.
    Thank you SAZCO

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