Buying marble

Many people who intend to buy building stones; They don’t know what points to follow when buying these stones. Marble is used in interior spaces and building decorations due to the passage of light and its beautiful effect. When buying these types of stones, you should pay attention to the following points.

The compressive strength of the stone
This authority determines how much a stone can withstand stress and pressure. You should note that if the stone you want is used in the facade of the building; Its compressive strength should be about 300 kg/cm. Also, if marble is used for the floor of the building; It is necessary that its compressive strength is about 900 kg/cm.

The amount of rock water absorption
Another point that you should pay attention to when buying stones; The amount of water absorption. This feature is expressed as a percentage. All stones absorb water to some extent. It should be noted that the stones used for the facade of the building; have a low absorption rate and this amount should not exceed 2%.

Dimensions and shape of the stone
Marble stones are available in many shapes and sizes in the market. Depending on which part of the building this stone is used in; You can order the desired color and dimensions.

The space used is stone
usually because of the beauty and high resistance that such stones have; It is used for the interior and exterior of buildings. It is better that when buying, the dimensions of the stone match the dimensions of the building so that problems and damage do not arise later.
Another point that you should pay attention to when buying marble is whether or not the stones are insured during transportation. This will prevent possible damages. To ensure the quality of the stone, it is better to see the stone in person and make sure of its color and resistance.

The price of marble
There are many factors that affect the price of marble, and for this reason, a specific price cannot be considered for this type of stone. In general, the prices of marble stones are determined according to the following.
● Stone size and dimensions
● Grade and type of stone
● The selected color and design of the stone
● type of subsang
● The amount of resin used in the stones
● Type of quality and resistance of stones
● Types of rock waves and whether it is wavy or waveless
● Thickness, diameter and size of stone
● Type of mine and location of stone extraction
● The amount of porosity and water absorption in the rock
● The type of cut and gonia of the stone

انواع سنگ مرمر
There are types of marble stones that are used in various industries. In the following, we will examine the types of marble stones.

Green marble
One of the types of marble is green marble (onyx). As it is clear from the name of these stones; They have a green background with white and gold stripes. According to the dominant minerals, its green color may be pale or dark. These types of stones are strong and resistant to pressure and impact and are an excellent suggestion for building facades as well as religious places. The amount of water penetration is much less than other stones.
The resistance of these stones against scratching is very high, and this has led to the use of green marble in stairs, building floors, and commuting areas. This type of marble is much rarer than other types, and for this reason, it is widely used in making sculptures and artefacts.

Alvan marble
Another type of marble is Alvan marble. This stone is one of the most beautiful types of marble, which has a white to milky background with brown, green and orange veins. The amount of streaks and the degree of colors are different in different parts of the stone. These types of stones have the ability to pass light through them and are considered one of the best options for lighting. The reflection and passing of light from Alvan marble stones gives a very beautiful effect and glory to the environment.
Alvan marble is extracted from the mine in the form of very large blocks and is used after regular cuts in the desired size. Iran’s Alvan stones are world famous and are exported to various countries such as China, Brazil, Turkey, etc.
In terms of hardness and resistance, these stones are considered to be the hardest type of construction stones. Alvan stones are very resistant to erosion and destruction and are a suitable choice for use in facades of buildings. Among the advantages of Alvan marble, we can mention things such as beautiful and excellent appearance, very high resistance, ability to pass light, non-absorption of pollution and dust, and non-absorption of water.

Red marble
Red marble is formed from the metamorphosis of limestone, the main mineral of which is calcite. The following are the most important features of red marble:
✔ Very special beauty and color
✔ The ability to pass light
✔ جلا پذیری بالا و سطح بسیار شفاف
✔ Very low porosity
✔ Non-absorption of heat and constant coolness of the stone
✔ Very high compressive strength
Red marble has a very high polishing ability and can have a mirror-like effect. One of the most important uses of this stone can be mentioned in the construction industry. The beautiful and unique color of this type of stone has made it used in the decoration of large buildings as well as in sculpture industries.

Marble applications
Marble has many unique properties that make it one of the most valuable stones.

Construction industries
From the past until now, marble has been used in the construction of historical buildings. For example, the Taj Mahal monument, which is considered one of the most beautiful historical monuments; Marble is used in its dome and towers. Even today, these stones are used as one of the building materials in the construction of internal and external walls, floor covering, decoration and facade of buildings, stairs, etc.

Another use of marble stones is in sculpture industries. Its transparency, very high luster, shiny and smooth surface, and easy to carve, have made it used as one of the best stones in sculpture industries. For example, the statue of Artemis or the Greek goddess is made of marble stones.

Pharmaceutical industry
Due to the property of neutralizing acids, marble stones are used in the highest degree of purity in pharmaceutical products such as Alka Seltzer (one of the drugs for the treatment of indigestion).

Animal supplements
Marble powder is rich in calcium and easily dissolves in animal feed. The powder of these stones is used to produce calcium supplements in chicken, sheep and cattle feed.

Graveyard stones
Because of the beauty and easy cutting and engraving of marble, these stones are used to build graves.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble
As we said above, marble stones have many advantages. Among the advantages of marble, we can mention very high resistance to all kinds of weather conditions, low water absorption and moisture resistance, hypoallergenicity and non-absorption of dust, shiny and polished surface, high sandability, etc.
The use of marble is limited due to some weaknesses. These weaknesses have made this stone impossible to use in every region and place. Some of the disadvantages of marble include the limited resources of extraction in Iran, inappropriate porosity of some of its types, the softness of marble and the possibility of deformation in the long term, low resistance in very acidic conditions, its inappropriateness for use in building facades in the environment. It is humid and…